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Nvidea gForce GT 430 with Linux and LCD TV

Tags:  LXDE   Linux   Graphics   Hardware   
Created on Fri, 02 Dec 2011.
Last Modified on Thu, 05 Apr 2012.

Motivation Behind This Cheatsheet

When I tried my Nvidea gForce GT 430 with Linux (Mint 10 LXDE), the resolution did not match the edge of my screen (TV).

The Cheatsheet

method 1: GUI: 

Adjust the OverscanCompensation. I could change it by dragging the bar within the nvidia-settings gui.

(recomended) method 2: Command Line:

Not found in the "nvidia-settings --help" output, exists an OverscanCompensation option. Use the the '-d all' option which will let you see all the settable attributes. There you will see the OverscanCompensation value. I used

nvidia-settings -a [gpu:0]/OverscanCompensation[DFP-1]=100

to fix the edge cut-off problem. [DFP-1] maybe different depending on your setup (see the format for using '-a' and use the information given to you through '-d all'

Problem: The Setting change doesn't stay after x reset. Since I was using LXDE, I needed to create a startup script using a .Desktop file like this guy did in his blog:

or as described in

Further Discussion

if the above didn't work, try to explore the --tv-over-scan option for nvidia-xconfig using nvidia-settings --help or nvidia-xconfig -A or the man page


my original post at:

PLEASE let me know if I'm doing something wrong, or if you have any suggestions or requests~

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