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Emacs - Some useful keys and commands

Tags:  Emacs   
Created on Fri, 25 Nov 2011.
Last Modified on Wed, 04 Apr 2012.

Motivation Behind This Cheatsheet

Just needed a reference for the most basic commands used in Emacs. pulled from the Emacs Tutorial

The Cheatsheet

more commands can be found in the emacs tutorial(C-h t)

C-g        cancel your current command

C-x C-c        quit emacs

C-x u        undo

C-h c <cmd>    show description of <cmd>

C-h k <cmd>    show documentation for <cmd>. (C-x 1 to go back to 1 window)


C-v    Page down
M-v    Page up

C-n    next line
C-p    prev line

C-f    forward character
C-b    Backward Character

M-f    forward one word
M-b    backward one word

C-a    beginning of line
C-e    endline

C-o    Carriage return
C-d    delete (not backspace)

Copy and Paste (kill and yank):

-kill and yank is analogous to cut and paste

C-y    yank
M-y    (use after yank) yanks back next item in yank buffer (can be pressed multiple time to scroll through)

C-k    kill from cursor to end of line
M-k    kill from cursor to end of sentance

C-<SPC>    start highlighting marker at cursor position

C-w    kill highlighted text
M-w    copy highlighted text to yank buffer

Window Management:

C-x <number>    change number of viewing windows
C-x o        switch to other window

C-M-v        scroll bottom window. only works with real Meta Key
<ESC> C-v    scroll bottom window.

Files and the File Buffer:

C-x C-f        Find a file
C-x C-s        Save the current file
C-x s        save some buffers

C-x C-b        view file buffer in new window. (C-x 1 will change back to 1 window)
C-x b <file>    change to <file> buffer   


Emacs Tutorial

PLEASE let me know if I'm doing something wrong, or if you have any suggestions or requests~

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