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Neil Pahl at a Glance

I come from a hardware background but, I have lept into Computer Security, all things Linux, and Web Application Development.  In July 2012, I founded a Web Development and IT Consulting Firm in Hong Kong named NP-X Solutions.

Born in Hawaii but raised near Vancouver, I went on to attend the University of British Columbia located in Vancouver, Canada where I earned a Bachelors Degree in Applied Science (Electrical Engineering). During University, I was enrolled in UBC's acclaimed Project Integrated Program (which emphasizes skills acquisition over the ability to memorize material) and gained professional experience during my co-op work terms in Japan (16 months) and Vancouver (8 months).

A natural problem solver, I enjoy analyzing systems(technical and business) and designing innovative solutions. When part of a team, I become the catalyst as I view problems from multiple perspectives, make an effort to contribute new ideas and, most importantly, try my best to motivate those around me.

Always interested in new projects, so feel free to contact me.

Selected to Speak at DEFCON 18 Security Conference

Stemming from a successful security project, I was selected to speak about hardware Man-In-The-Middle attacks on Smart Card Systems at the DEFCON security conference held in Las Vegas during July, 2010. (See DEFCON Speaker Page) (Download Presentation Slides)

This experience was my tipping point into the field of Computer Security, all things Linux, and Web Application Development. Awoken, the Hacking Dragon has been...

Defcon 18: Bypassing Smart Card Authentication and Blocking Debiting.

Smart Card Man-in-the-Middle attack (Montage Video).