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Entry 1: I'll Choose Raspberry Pi Tinkering Over Diablo 3 Any Day

Topic: Raspberry Pi   

Tags:  RaspberryPi   

Created on Fri, 01 Jun 2012.

Ok, I was tempted to get Diablo 3... BUT, why waste my time with that when I could be timkering around with my newly arrived Raspberry Pi.

A life long pie lover and converted linux freak, the raspberry pi seemed like the perfect flavor for me to get my linux fix.

And what a cheap fix it was. This credit card sized linux box was only $35 US. You can learn more from their web site...

The minascule COMPUTER seems like it would make a very nice thin client. Although, I would probably work better as one if it ran a gigabit ethernet (it has 10/100). Neverthelss, I hope that after diving in, I will find all the stress of ordering during their release worth while. You may of heard how all the hype about it ended up crashing the notable farnel and RS sites... I would have gotten one of the first batch had I gotten an account beforehand, shucks...

I think its going to be cool to load different setups onto different SD cards. I think I will dedicate an SD card to learning how to use Archlinux as I've been wanting to learn a more 'advanced' distro for a while. Apart form that, basiacally just looking for other uses for this thing... don't get me wrong though, I think its going to be a great tool for letting kids learn about computers and programming, but I know there is so many more possibilities~

If only I had played around with something like this when I was young...

PLEASE let me know if I'm doing something wrong, or if you have any suggestions or requests~

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  • 1: I'll Choose Raspberry Pi Tinkering Over Diablo 3 Any Day

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