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Cheat Sheets In "Linux":

Change Default Command Line (Terminal) Text Editor

I wanted to change my default text editor in the command line from pico to vi

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Chmod Folders and Files Recursively and Separately

I wanted to know how to chmod the fodlers one thing and then the files another... all recursivley.

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Download ftp Directories Recursively Using wget

Wanted to know how to easily download all files and folders recursivley from a host that only offers ftp access using only the command line

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Downloading From Indirect (Script-Based) Links In CLI

Sometimes file download links are protected by scripts (like at sourceforges "link to current version", for example) so that they can not be directly linked to, or what have you.. I'f I'm working remotely, I prefer to download directly to the box I'm working on. So while wget is good for downloading direct links, it won't work with the script-based links. How can I download them then?

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Mount FTP Location Into Local Folder Without Exposing Password

It's a lot nicer to upload/download files when they are mounted into your filesystem

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Screen: Use It To Begin A Command Remotely And Then Logout

Sometimes you want to start a download, update, or what have you. Instead of keeping your terminal (remote connection) open, you can start the process using screen, detach, and then exit/logout.

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Turn Off Sound In Termimal (BASH)

Annoyed with sound in bash~

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Sub Category Cheatsheets:

Fix "adduser: Could not find program named `ecryptfs-setup-private' in $PATH".

I was creating a user with encrypted home directory usnig "adduser --encrypt-home username" when I got the mentioned error.

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Nvidea gForce GT 430 with Linux and LCD TV

When I tried my Nvidea gForce GT 430 with Linux (Mint 10 LXDE), the resolution did not match the edge of my screen (TV).

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fix "PHP Deprecated: Comments starting with '#' are deprecated in /etc/php5/cli/conf.d/mcrypt.ini on line 1 in Unknown on line 0" error

got a nasty error when using a shebang on top of php script

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Remote Login With SSH And Keypairs

For those who need to remotly log into another linux machine.

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Run A .jar File From The Command Line

.jar files run automatically in windows, but in linux they need to be called with java

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Searching and Installing via apt in CLI

I tried to install the jdk via

sudo apt-get install jdk

but got:

E: Couldn't find package jdk

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Ubuntu Server - Static IP Address

I needed to know how to configure my Ubuntu Linux server (10.04 LTS) to have a static IP

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Use sudo Without Password

if using sudo commands in a script, you don't want to have to enter a password for it.

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