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Smart Card Laundry System Security Analysis

Performed a security analysis on the university Smart Card laundry system. After sniffing the communication between the laundry machine and card, a vulnerability in the write process was discovered. To exploit this vulnerability, a device was made which could intercept the value decrementing write command, block it, and fake a confirmation of write back to the laundry machine.

In other words, we hacked the univeristy smart card laundry system to give us free laundry.

We later presented this project at the Defcon 18 Security Conference in Las Vegas 2010. Other contributor: Jonathan Lee.

See Attached: defcon_presentation.pdf 


Visual Object Detection to Audio Mapping using Stereo Vision

This project was an excersice in digital signal processing. The goal of this project was to translate visual information into audio cues so that a blind person could 'hear' what everyone else can see.

Using two web camera's, image processing was performed on the video feeds to detect objects, determine the distance and determine the bearing towards the object. This was all done in real time.

Then, 3D visual data was mapped to the sound domain as follows:

Presence of object -> Pulsing sound
Distance to object -> Period of Pulse
Height of object -> Sound Pitch
Left/Right Positioning -> Left/Right Stereo Fade

See Attached: vision_to_audio_report.pdf